3/24/2016: Learn

In today’s #MVArtShop email update (💌sign up at madevibrant.com/daily) I talked about several things that “went wrong” with the shop last week.

Our printer went on vacation and didn’t tell us; we accidentally ran out of some of our shipping collateral; and Amazon shipped us the wrong cello sleeves (despite reordering the exact ones we settled on three weeks prior.)

Now, Laura and I were able to face each of those tiny mistakes head on, come up with quick solutions and put processes in place to make sure they didn’t happen again so it all turned out fine. But the more important thing that I want to share regarding all of those little snags is this — the whole world did not end. The sky didn’t fall. Customers didn’t jump ship. If anything, it actually made the whole process more interesting because we got to learn a ton about how to set up the shop in a more efficient way.

But I didn’t decide to share all the behind the scenes of the shop (ups AND downs) because it’s fun to relive the frustration; I decided to share it because it’s REAL. And I want anyone out there who has been dreaming of a creative project or opening their own art shop to know: you will never be able to LEARN unless you BEGIN. You’re totally allowed to simply start and LEARN as you go. All entrepreneurs do this, whether they’re opening a tiny art shop or whether they’re creating the next billion dollar startup. We’re all just trying things and making stuff and going with our gut to see what happens and figuring it out as we go along.

So, whatever it is that you’ve been waiting to start because you want to avoid these kinds of tiny mistakes, please, take it from me, it’s time to stop waiting and start LEARNING.