2/17/2016: Lens

Over the past week, I’ve probably done more “promoting” than ever before with the launch of the #MVartshop.

This idea used to make me uncomfortable, like I was peddling my wares on a busy street corner. I never wanted to be that person that tried to shove my work or my business in other people’s faces. However, it didn’t take long into the journey of Made Vibrant to realize that if I was ever going to earn a living from my creativity, I was going to have to get over this stigma. That’s when I started to reframe the idea of promotion as another form of sharing. I asked myself, How can I SHARE what I’m working on in a way that feels authentic to who I am?

So many things I see online often pit art and commerce against one another: one is pure, the other tainted. One is good, the other bad. But I see it differently. I think being able to make money doing something you love is a beautiful thing. And if you’re doing work that you truly believe in, if you honestly love the things you create, why not give other people the opportunity to be a part of that… if they choose.

That’s why with every post or email directing people to the shop, I kept asking myself: how can I do this in a way that feels in alignment with who I am? How can I frame this as an invitation, not a directive?

I’m now in the habit of using this “lens of authenticity” to view every single aspect of my business. Whether it’s building an email community, hiring a team, collaborating with partners, creating an e-course… whatever challenge or opportunity comes up, I just figure out what feels right to me or what aligns with my values and it allows me to make peace between the art side AND the commerce side.

Whether it’s promotion or business or just a situation in life that makes you uneasy, try seeing it through the lens of your own authenticity. Try letting go of whatever preconceived notions you have and do things in a way that feel aligned with who you are. You just might surprise yourself.