5/22/2016: Lessons

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Today I was just finishing up the formatting of my e-book, A Year Made Vibrant, Volume II which has 65 weekly newsletters spanning from January 2015 to May 2016. It was so fun to read back over these weekly journal entries that tell the story of my business (and personal evolution.) 

I couldn’t help but chuckle over certain lessons that magically appeared over and over again — lessons about self-compassion, becoming okay with REST, allow myself the space to evolve, and reminding myself that I get to write the rules of my own life. 

I use to worry I was repeating myself. That maybe it was boring to hear these same themes showing up again and again in my work. but ultimately I decided that some lessons beg repeating. We’re only human and inevitably we fall into what feels comfortable. There are always going to be things we have to hear over and over until they really start to sink in. 

So that’s what today’s piece is about. Whether it’s that book you need to pick up AGAIN, that inspiring video you should watch again or that same conversation you have to have with you’re therapist AGAIN… go ahead and re-learn those lessons. Some insights are worth the review. :)