1/21/2016: Light

I saw somewhere once that Elizabeth Gilbert, when asked what her spiritual practice was, replied by saying that she tries to “bring the light” into every encounter she has.

This phrase has never left me. I think of it especially in the times when I know I’m not being my best self. When I’m stressed, or defensive, or my feelings are hurt, or my heart feels heavy. We all know those moments, right? When we react from a place of fear or hurt and, not a moment later, we think: Who the heck WAS that person? Certainly that wasn’t ME.

Those are the moments when my brain thankfully conjures up this small and simple line, and I remember that I alone am responsible for the energy I put out into the world. In those moments of hurt or impatience or stress, I can choose to let my emotions rule my behavior or I can bring the light instead. I can walk into an uncomfortable situation dreading it or I can bring the light instead. When my feelings are hurt, I can hurt someone back in retaliation or I can bring the light instead.

In a sense, I believe this to be a beautiful act of service to humanity — to bring the light whenever possible, and to connect from a place of love, openness and generosity rather than from a place of judgment, narrow-mindedness and scarcity. Imagine a world where we were all eager to bring the light.