5/14/2016: Limitation

Today I was going back through old newsletters from the early days of Made Vibrant. The coolest part about writing a newsletter every week is that I have this massive stack of diary entries documenting my emotional journey to seeing myself as an entrepreneur and an artist. 

In those early days, I couldn’t even write the word “artist” in my social media bio, much less say it out loud to anyone else (or even myself.) I told myself that in order to be an “artist” I had to be formally trained. I had to have gone to art school. I had to use fancy paints. I had to know what the heck I was doing. 

I didn’t realize then what I know now: that no one has to give you permission to form your identity. You get to choose the way that you see yourself AND the way that you want to show up in the world. 

Thankfully I’ve since changed those tapes in my head and I no longer tell myself that I’m not “allowed” to call myself an artist. I create things as an expression of my inner self and so, yes, I’m an artist. 

So today my question is this: what story are you telling yourself that is holding you back? 

What would happen if you rewrote that script? What would happen if you questioned every limitation you thought you had? What kind of truth would you lead yourself to?