7/10/2016: Means

A reminder to stop choosing the work that feels convenient and commercial and start following your heart. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Today’s message is less a universal directive than it is a personal directive. I don’t necessarily think that all creativity has to have any meaning at all - I think there is meaning enough to be found in the very ACT of creating.

However, over the past few months I’ve had this feeling bubbling up, a feeling that I want to recommit to the idea of making art that matters. Of creating content that SAYS something, that MEANS something. While that’s certainly always the aim with these daily art pieces, I have to admit it hasn’t always been the case with everything I’ve created.

Looking back, there are times when I’ve created things because they seemed like a convenient opportunity to make money — not that my heart wasn’t in them (I always find a way to mold my work to feel purposeful) BUT it’s not like they were touching on any deeper, soulful subjects either. What I’m saying is… they may have been HELPFUL but they weren’t always HEART-FULL.

These past few weeks of slowing down in my business and giving myself space to breathe have reminded me to follow my instincts toward creating projects and work that always have a deeper, more meaningful thread.

So today’s piece is a declaration to myself and to any other SOULFUL creative that needs to be reminded — try making something that means something. Let’s stop choosing the work that feels convenient and commercial and start following our hearts toward what feels scarier but more rewarding — the vulnerable and messy and heart-full work that calls to us.