4/13/2016: Mentor

A reminder that nobody knows what you need or what you desire or what you are capable of like YOU do! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I got an email yesterday from a Self-Made Society subscriber who told me that their biggest creative struggle right now is finding a mentor. As I started to type my response, I paused and thought about his question for a moment. The first follow-up question that came to mind is: what are you hoping to gain from a mentor that you feel you’re lacking right now?

Mentors can be helpful, of course. You can learn a ton by soaking up the wisdom of someone who’s gone before you. But, it got me thinking: what if you thought of YOURSELF as your own mentor? What if you put as much stock in your own inner wisdom as you would someone else that you look up to?

It reminded me of a podcast episode I heard recently with Tara Mohr where she discussed the idea of your “inner mentor” from her book, #PlayingBig (which I just ordered!)
I LOVED this idea — the notion that the wisdom you’re seeking is already in you. That you only need to remove your fears and doubts and pressures to reveal it.

I think we all have more knowledge and experience and wisdom to offer than we give ourselves credit for. We look outside ourselves for help sometimes because the validation feels good; it feels less scary than trusting ourselves.

But today I want to pose this question to you: what if you considered the idea of being your own mentor? Would it change the way you feel about yourself? About the confidence you have in your own path? What if you stopped looking outside yourself for wisdom and instead tapped into that custom-tailored knowing that only you have?

After all, nobody is you but YOU. Nobody knows what you need or what you desire or what you are capable of like YOU do. I’m not saying you can’t reach out for help and learn from those that have gone before; I’m only asking that you CONSIDER that you might have the answers you’re looking for inside you already. Learn to trust your gut and let your inner mentor guide you.