5/25/2016: Mess

A friendly reminder to experience the beauty and freedom and release of fully expressing your creativity. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

When I started this daily art project on January 1st, I had two versions of how the project would go in my head. In version one, all my pieces throughout the entire year would be beautifully consistent, like they were all part of one carefully curated art collection, and I would love all of them equally. In version two, the “reality” version, I knew that the aesthetic of the pieces would vary widely over the course of the year and I knew that some I would love and some I would hate and some I would love and THEN two months later I would hate.

Thankfully, despite having the ideal #1 in my head at the get go, I had the good sense to know that version #2 was the closest to reality. And so when I started creating, I gave myself the space to MESS UP. To create things that weren’t perfect. To try new things. To experiment. I let go of the perfect vision I had in my head for what the entire collection had to be.

And today I was reminded of that lesson again as I taped up a big backdrop to paint a mural-sized piece of art. Making that first stroke should have felt nerve-wracking. What if I mess up?!.. that’s what I should have been thinking. But I wasn’t.

Because finally I’ve arrived at a place where I’m no longer afraid to “mess up.” I love the freedom and exploration more than I love doing it “right” from the get go, and plus I know that some of my favorite pieces have been born out of a mark or a color palette that went rogue on me.

If you want to experience the beauty and freedom and release of fully expressing your creativity, you can’t be afraid to mess up! That’s what I’ve learned after almost 150 days of this project!This one inspired by your comment @nelizadrew!