3/15/2016: More

Since moving into our new place I’ve been trying to get back into a rhythm with creating. For me, new environments can be so great for bringing a refreshing energy to my creativity, but on the other hand they can also cause a bit of a stall until I find my groove again in a completely new surrounding.

Today I found myself staring at a blank page and not knowing where to even begin. I was overthinking everything because I was essentially creating a new routine, a new process from the ground up in my new studio. In those moments, when I find myself judging my work before it even gets created, I know there’s only one solution (and it’s a REALLY simple one…)

What’s the secret to quieting your creativity’s inner critic? Just MAKE MORE STUFF.

The more you make, the less any one thing feels like it defines your work OR your worth. So, rather than just standing there with a blank page in front of me, I put up FOUR blank pages. While you’d think this only served to multiply my “creator’s block” it actually did the exact opposite. It took the pressure off. I tricked my inner muse into thinking, “Hey, instead of just one chance to make something you like, now you’ve got four!” And wouldn’t you know it… I ended up loving all four of them anyway.

I know that many artists or writers or creators in general struggle with the fear that their work isn’t any good. We all do. But the only way to start to let go of that fear is to keep making at all costs. Keep creating work until you realize that you are not defined by any one piece or one thing you make; you are defined by the fact that you continue to make in spite of your fear. When in doubt, just make more stuff.