4/12/2016: Next

A friendly reminder to honor the real work that comes after the big, shiny day! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Slowly but surely I’m emerging from “launch mode” and settling back into a pace that feels a lot more comfortable for me. It’s been a crazy few days of sending emails and finalizing purchase flows and a million other behind-the-scenes things.

Anyone who has launched something — a website, a course, a project, an art exhibition, anything - will know the sense of relief that comes once the “big day” arrives.

I experienced that relief yesterday (yay for buttons not breaking and for people getting into the course without any problems!) but honestly it was short-lived because today all I kept thinking was this: the REAL work comes next. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the whole launch part of the process. I mean, it’s the SEXY part, right? People writing blog posts about six figure launches and funnels and launch plans and the like… we’re used to shining the spotlight on “THE LAUNCH.” But you know what? Now that it’s come and gone, I realized that the spotlight should never be on “the launch.” The spotlight should be on what happens after.

SO often we consume ourselves with whatever the shiny “finish line” is before us: the big day, the milestone, the presentation, the deadline. But I think what counts is what you do AFTER you cross that perceived finish line. Do you move on to the next thing, searching for another milestone to reach? Or do you stick around and really give yourself to the people you’ve promised to help?

Do you follow-up on the project to see it through? Do you check back in with the client after you land their business? Do you give the job your all once you land the promotion? Do you devote your time and attention to the students in your course… or do you move on to the next idea?

I realized today that launch day might be over, but now is when the fun begins. Now I want to put my whole heart into how I can make every person that (virtually) steps inside the course feel supported, encouraged and like their experience matters.

Tonight my question for you is: are you focusing on the finish line or are you looking just beyond to see how you can bring your A-game to what happens after you reach that next milestone?

Because the real work usually isn’t what happens before the shiny big day. The REAL work is what comes next.