3/26/2016: Now

There are SO many lessons that this daily art project has already taught me (can you believe it’s been almost 100 days already?!) but this one especially has been on my mind lately.

The thing about waking up every day and being forced to focus on a new piece and a new message is that you simply don’t have TIME to look backward. To dwell on what art was created yesterday or last week. To worry about whether what you made before was “good enough.”

There is only today, only what you have to accomplish now, only what you are INSPIRED to create now. And I think that same lesson applies to life. It can be tempting sometimes to look backward and wonder: Did I make the right decision? What would have happened if I had chosen x instead of y… etc.

But the truth is that for the most part it’s a waste of time. The past is gone and all we have is now.

It’s not that there isn’t value to be gained from understanding the past. There certainly is. But there’s a big difference between *learning* from your past and *living* in your past. In fact, that’s not really living at all. Trying to play Monday morning quarterback won’t change the outcome, it will only steal your attention and your satisfaction.

If this project has taught me anything it’s this: keep your eyes fixed on what is here and now, the task at hand, the challenge unfolding, the beauty of this very moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, but today is here and it is REAL and it is begging to dance with us.