7/27/2016: Off

A reminder that those things we put off become toxic to living a vibrant life. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Is there anything you REALLY need to do but have been putting off? I have a list of things probably two pages long that I’ve avoided either because I don’t like doing them OR it’s gone so long that I’m embarrassed to confront them OR (the deeper, more honest reason) tackling them highlights a judgment I have about myself that I’m just not prepared to acknowledge. WHOA, procrastination is deep stuff, y'all.

What I realized today was… they’re not going anywhere. These things that we put off because they’re difficult or uncomfortable or just plain mundane become a lot more dangerous the longer they fester. They become guilt or self-loathing or stress and all of those things are toxic to living a vibrant life.

So this morning, I made a “Toxic Procrastination” list, I set the timer for one hour and I tackled each item one by one. Did I make it through every one? No. BUT I feel so much lighter just for finally lifting some of that weight off my conscience.

Maybe today’s the day you make your own Toxic Procrastination list! Stop putting it off and make it happen. You will feel all the more brighter for it!