2/1/2016: Open

To say that our afternoon was unexpected is an understatement.

After searching for rental properties in San Luis Obispo and coming up empty, Jason urged me to call one final listing for a vacation rental (an unbelievable place at the very top of a mountain in SLO and views of the entire city) on the off chance they’d be interested in a long-term rental agreement. “You don’t get what you don’t ask for,” he said (as he often does.)
That one phone call I made on a whim led us to Ryan and Anna, the two fellow entrepreneurial-minded and open-hearted people who admitted they don’t typically entertain long-term rentals but (on an equal whim) invited us up the mountain to see the place anyway.

What started out as four kind strangers making introductions somehow led to SIX HOURS of honest stories, life experiences shared, perspectives contemplated and tons of laughs! It’s such a rare and beautiful and unexpected thing when you find true, meaningful connection with people, especially virtual strangers. It reminds you of how big the world is and how small it is at the same time. And how great it feels to share our human experience in a way that makes us feel seen.
I honestly don’t know if we’ll end up renting the house, if it will all work out serendipitously in the end, but I do know it never would have happened if Jason and I didn’t stay OPEN to the possibility of such a magical encounter. And if Anna and Ryan weren’t OPEN to inviting two enthusiastic randos into their home!

Today’s newsletter was all about What Ifs, and I’m so glad that we decided to entertain the constructive “what ifs” that led us to such a random but unforgettable evening.

This world is filled with infinite unforgettable evenings if we would all just STAY OPEN to them. :)