1/27/2016: Overthink

Yesterday I shared a bit about one way I get myself out of a creative rut, but in terms of what catapults me into said creative rut in the first place… most times the entity responsible is that bossy little voice who desperately wants to be in charge: my brain. (Seriously, don’t you just wish you could shut the place down every now and then? “Sorry, we’re closed today! Come back tomorrow!”) If I’m frustrated and anxious, staring at a blank page, this usually means I’m trying to THINK my way through art rather than FEEL my way through art, which is only a recipe for over-analysis, doubt, and angst.

When that happens, I try my best to just immerse myself in the studio, crank up the tunes, and paint whatever comes from the heart. I don’t try to think about what colors would look good together or how to make it different from the last piece or, frankly, even concentrate on what I’m doing; instead I try to focus my attention on not thinking at all. In that way, the process becomes a sort of meditation that loosens me up, gets me out of my head and allows my intuition to take the reins. Finally, that bossy voice takes a backseat and the pressure is off. And suddenly I’m creating from the heart again and not the head.

Whatever it is you’re obsessing about, over-analyzing, rethinking, rehashing, or reworking for the twelfth time, let it go. Quiet your bossy brain and find your way back to your intuition — back to your heart.

Create whatever makes you feel good because in my experience, the soul knows way more than the brain could ever articulate.