6/18/2016: Own

A reminder to live out what you want with confidence and grace and who cares what anybody else thinks! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Today I did something pretty rare for me… I went shopping! 

I discovered the concept of a “capsule wardrobe” back in 2014, and after selling about 80% of my clothing I moved to a much more minimal wardrobe. Still, the only problem with wearing a few select pieces of clothing is that you do wear through things quite a bit, so today I decided it was finally time to do another closet purge and develop a strong capsule to last me through the summer/fall. 

For the first time I went shopping with a PLAN and I have to say.. I had so much fun! (If you follow me over on snapchat 👻snapmadevibrant, then you saw my super nerdy wardrobe planning Keynote presentation!) 

After my marathon day (where I found everything I planned for 🎉!), then came the REALLY fun part - going home & pairing up all the ENDLESS combinations of my basic pieces. 
As I was playing dress-up, though, I noticed myself second-guessing: “Can I really pull this off?” “What if it looks like I’m trying too hard…” (Am I the only one that has wondered these things when trying on clothes? Please say no!) 

Despite feeling like I had found the perfect pieces for me, things that really felt like they captured my personal sense of style, I was letting fear of what other people might think rob me of the joy of the new beautiful style staples I loved.

In those moments, the voice of my best friend and personal style icon @leahloustyle plays in my head and she reminds me to “just OWN it.” What makes fashion and style fun is that YOU get to decide what you want to wear and how you want to feel. You don’t have to play by anyone else’s rules but your own. 

And that is a lesson that I took away not just from my shopping trip but from SO many things in my life — building a business, making decisions in life, creating art… 
Before anyone else buys in, you have to buy in first. YOU have to remind yourself that if it’s something YOU want (to wear, to make, to do, to say)… well then, just own it. Live it out with confidence and grace and who cares what anybody else thinks!