1/13/2016: Persistence

I believe so much of what we accomplish in life can be attributed to one moment where we decided to press on instead of turn back. With any great project or goal or endeavor, there will inevitably be setbacks — things that were impossible to foresee, money that ran out faster than we thought, layers of fear we weren’t prepared to confront. But when those obstacles become so burdensome that we seriously contemplate giving up? That’s often when the magic is just about to start.

The only time I ever seriously considered giving up on my dream of running a solo business was the summer of 2014, my first year of Made Vibrant. I had maxed out my credit cards, money was beyond tight, and I seriously wondered at the time if I had what it took to build something sustainable. I went so far as to browse job boards of my favorite companies, really considering the pros and cons of reluctantly tabling my dream. Thankfully, though, there was still this burning Must that just wouldn’t let me quit, some sort of deep belief in myself that I couldn’t even consciously articulate. I chose to keep going. A month later things started to pick up and just three months after that I was on my way to being profitable.

Every so often I think about that decision and wonder what would have happened if I didn’t keep going. Who knows, maybe it was the act itself of being faced with the question and having to actively choose to persist that ignited a fire I didn’t know I had. Either way I’m glad I pressed on.

If there’s something you truly want and you’re at that moment now where the obstacles are mounting, keep going. If there’s still an ounce of Must in you that feels like you were meant to make it, do it, write it, finish it, explore it, build itkeep going.