5/19/2016: Plan

A friendly reminder to budget your time in a way that allows time for peace. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that “planning” is my strong suit. Especially when it comes to my business, I’ve pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants since it all started in 2014. That approach served me well in the early days when things were changing so quickly and when it was more important to just make stuff and put it out there to see what would happen.

But now I can feel a shift happening. I can sense myself ready to put on my big girl planning pants a bit more. I have deep, exciting dreams for what I want the next evolution of Made Vibrant to be, and my natural instinct is to just dive off the edge of the cliff, knitting my parachute on the way down.

And as fun as that can be, I think I’m ready to take a step back and give a little more thought to it all. Even in the past two weeks as a loose plan has started to form, I can sense myself much more at ease then I normally am with projects. Why? Not only because I’m putting a bigger emphasis on planning but because I’m making PEACE a very intentional part of the plan from the beginning. I’m budgeting almost twice as much time as I normally would to complete this project. I’m mindful of spacing the workload out. Of giving myself days to do entirely nothing but rest.

In other words, I’m building peace INTO the plan.

And even though this whole thing feels way more structured than I’m used to, I’m finding at this particular point in time that the structure is allowing me to organize my thoughts and manage all the ideas I have. Who knows, I just may be turning into a planner yet. :)