6/19/2016: Quit

A reminder to trust your gut and blaze your own trail. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I’ve had a bad case of the second-guessing’s this past week. Every time I found myself moving forward with a decision or idea, inevitably I’d find myself shortly thereafter wondering “Is it too _____?” or “Should I do it more like so-and-so?” or “Well how come no one else does it that way? Am I missing something?”  

But after navigating these mental gymnastics for a few days, I realized how silly I was being. Second-guessing is almost ALWAYS a result of comparison. When you second guess yourself and you question something you KNOW in your gut, it’s usually because you’re just trying to mold yourself to fit a box of someone else’s creation. It’s natural to feel scared or insecure when you’re doing something completely YOUR way because it likely hasn’t been done before. Blazing a new path can feel scary and vulnerable, but it’s ultimately the best feeling because it’s 100% true to you. 

So trust your gut, blaze that trail, follow your instincts and quit second guessing yourself!