7/6/2016: Recalibrate

A reminder to shuffle things around in your schedule, to revisit your values and to check in with your body and mind and spirit. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Whenever I go on any sort of extended trip, when I get back I inevitably feel a little out of my GROOVE. Not in a bad way necessarily, but it’s like the time away has stretched me just a little bit somehow and the shape of my puzzle piece no longer fits perfectly into the hole it popped out of. Time away shakes things up, it loosens the dust that settles over our everyday lives.

So I find myself thinking bigger questions like: What did this experience teach me? How did it affect my values and perspectives? What do I want to do more of or less of? Do I care about X as much as I did before I left?

It sounds silly to think that you could actually change so much on a five-day vacation, but I’m a big believer in the fact that new experiences beyond your everyday routine act as catalysts to propel your growth forward. At least for me, they always seem to reveal interesting things that either I didn’t know about myself or that I had maybe lost sight of in the comfort of habits and routines.

So now I’ve learned that it’s important to take time after a trip or a new experience (or hey, even on a monthly basis in general) to recalibrate my various settings and circuits. To shuffle things around in my schedule, to revisit my values, to check in with my body and mind and spirit.

To recalibrate today, I’m working from bed, easing back into the flow of my normal work day, and taking a few moments to write down what parts of myself feel different so that I can move forward reshaping my life to become the perfectly molded spot that can accommodate my ever-expanding puzzle piece. :)