2/2/2016: Reframe

Most of the daily pieces I share are created in my home studio on 24”x36” sheets of watercolor paper with a messy selection of acrylic paints. But that’s not the case today. This piece was created in my 8”x10” sketchbook with a Sharpie and Prismacolors, and that’s where my lesson on reframing comes in today. I knew Jason and I would be out of town, so I made sure to have a small arsenal of acrylic pieces built up (minus the lettering, that I try to add real-time) so I could share them on the road without bringing my whole mobile art studio.

Well, for a number of reasons, I ended up one piece short today, leaving me to create using only what I brought with me on the road. I won’t lie, I was bummed when I realized all I had at my disposal were markers and a few Sharpies. It felt so limiting. No sweeping brushstrokes to intuitively make or layers of color to surprise me with their emerging palette. Then I thought about it a moment longer and realized: this is not a misstep; this is an *opportunity.* This is a chance to see if I can get resourceful and create art that expresses my heart in a different medium/process.

All I had to do was reframe the situation -- to come at it from a new angle. Then I thought about how many times a day that simple advice can make a huge difference. When I dread working out, but I’m somehow able to look forward to it by reframing it as my time to myself, away from my computer. Or when I can’t get that one line of CSS to work correctly but I reframe it as a puzzle, like a code to unlock. Who knows if I’ll return to the markers, but you may see this switch up again if for no other reason than it reminds me not to take it all so seriously.

There’s no definition for what this project has to be. I only need to show up to the commitment I made and witness the imprint it leaves on me. Next time you’re faced with an unexpected challenge, ask yourself how you can approach it from a new angle. How you can reframe it into something that might turn out to be a positive.