1/4/2016: Release


Let it go.
Your worry, your shame, your resentment.
Your stress, your fear, your self-doubt.
They are syrupy, heavy things.
They will weigh you down and stifle your joy,
so let it go.

Release your expectations, your burdens, your grudges.
The paths not taken, the loves lost, the ideas stolen.
Release the invisible clasps on the invisible cages in your heart

where you keep these things.
It’s exhausting watching over them, isn’t it?
Feeding them, keeping them alive, listening to the lies they whisper.
So let them go.

Let go of your failures and your flaws.
Embarrassments and imperfections.
Reasons you want to hide.
Let go of your need to keep up, to measure up, to level up.

If it isn't serving you or helping you or nourishing your soul...

Whatever is holding you down, holding you back, holding you -- that is, taking hold OF you,
just let it go.

And with that, become weightless, become effervescent, become free.


I wrote this poem (I think it’s a poem?) on accident in my notebook today as we drove to Texas. Whatever you need to let go of today, tomorrow, next week or next year, I hope the simple message rings in your ears.

Lord knows there are always more things I could let go of! Hope you enjoy!