4/30/2016: Repetition

Jas and I had a super lazy Saturday and it was amazing! As the day wore on, I thought to myself that I should really get to starting today’s Abstract Affirmations piece and I realized that two months ago, that might have stressed me out. I might have worried that I couldn’t come up with a lesson or that I didn’t feel inspired or that writing this caption would’ve felt intimidating. But not today. Why, I thought. 

Because I’ve done this ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE TIMES. And doing anything that many times without fail teaches you that you can TRUST yourself. Every day that I create is like one more penny in my own creative confidence bank and somewhere along the line I’ve built up enough of those that the stress of the daily commitment no longer weighs on me. 

And then I thought about how many things that applies to. Show up for a friend when they call over and over and they’ll trust you. Prove you can keep a secret time and time again and that’s where trust is built. Deliver value to an audience of customers with reliability and consistency and you will show you can be trusted. 

So, my question for today is: how are you building trust? With yourself, with your family, with your creativity, with your kids, with your partner, with your teachers… with anyone. Whoever or whatever you want to build that relationship with, ask yourself: am I bringing enough repetition, enough consistency, to build that bridge of trust?