3/19/2016: Reset

I was just thinking the other day how amazing it is that the solution to so many tech problems is still “Turn it off and turn it back on.” It almost makes me laugh to think of how many times I’ve used this tried and true technique over the years: with our old school Nintendo, with our first desktop computer, and now, even these days with countless other modern devices. Routers, iPhones, laptops, et al.

What cracks me up about this simple cure-all is that it’s really pretty similar to what humans need. Just today I was lazing around, not feeling particularly inspired, and wondering what exactly I wanted to say for today’s piece. I felt like I had too many things on my mind and so nothing was rising to the top. When that happens, my go-to method for reseting my creativity is to take a shower. It sounds silly but the time to myself plus the refreshing feeling just leave me feeling like I powered myself down and right back up again. I was able to reign in my thoughts, cool down whatever circuit boards in my brain were working overtime, and inject some much needed pep back into my step.

I think this go-to reset button is different for everyone. Could be a hot shower, could be a 15-minute walk, could be a whole day away from technology that helps you power back up with new energy. Whatever that is for you, remember it the next time you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed or about to crash. Take a note out of our highly sophisticated technology hacks that have stood the test of time😉, and just hit reset!