3/31/2016: Respond

A reminder to find the adventure in the detours!

Welp, I screwed up today.

Around noon Jason and I were headed out the door for a quick grocery trip and I accidentally shut the door behind me without grabbing either set of our keys. Our door locks automatically so you can see how this was a bit problematic.

The second I did it Jason and I both closed our eyes for an uncomfortable amount of time, as if that act alone might magically reverse time. (Hint: it did not work.) I’ll admit, for the first three minutes or so I was furious at myself. I was using this one incident to instigate all kinds of negative self-talk about myself (“This is classic YOU. / Why don’t you pay more attention to what you’re doing / etc.”) But, thankfully, I recognized those thoughts for what they were as soon as they showed up AND thanks to some mature communication about situations like this in the past, @jasondoesstuff was mindful not to rub salt in my wounds (even though he totally could have because I’m sure it was super annoying.)

To get a spare key, we had to drive 45 minutes away to our landlord’s office, which could have been really frustrating. BUT, realizing that we had no control over changing the situation, we both decided to make the most of it. So… we made an adventure out of it. We turned my inconvenient mistake into a lunch date downtown and a visit to our favorite coffee shop. Did it derail all the plans I had for my day? Sure. But it happened and I couldn’t change it so why make a crappy situation even crappier with a bad attitude? The moment I DECIDED to let go of my frustration, I was able to actually enjoy our detour.

Remember, you may not be able to change it when something inconvenient happens, but you can always choose how you respond to it. I don’t always succeed in keeping my cool, but I have to say it turned what could have been an annoying day into a mini adventure!