5/18/2016: Risk

A reminder that we are imperfect and we are whole! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

The moment we let down our guard and share our truth — truth that most often feels scary to admit for fear of being rejected — that’s the moment we become most capable of true human connection.

Reading over #theimperfectboss tag feed today, I was overcome with how beautiful it is to see so much honesty, so much scary vulnerability, all for the shared purpose of saying to somebody somewhere who needs it: “Me too. I have fears and flaws and failures too.”

Sharing the whole of who we are feels risky because deep down we all fear being alone, being rejected, being isolated. But the truth is that none of us is truly alone. We all share common ground in one way or another and when we open our true selves up to being seen, that’s when we invite others to find that common ground with us.

Today was an amazing day for vulnerability, connection and TRUTH. I can only hope to continue the conversation by sharing not just the glossy bits of our lives, but the fears, the flaws, the failures too.

We are imperfect AND we are whole.