2/4/2016: Room

I try not to get distracted by what other artists or entrepreneurs are doing, but inevitably there are moments when I find myself confronted by the thought that I’m just one small fish in a very, very big sea. Usually this moment arrives when I, say, visit my Pinterest where I’m bombarded with a cascade of dozens of blog post images from other businesses or gorgeous artwork from artists doing it for longer and with more ease than me… (OR so the tiny voices say, right?)

And it can be easy in the moments to get discouraged and say to yourself, “Why even try?” It can be easy to become competitive or comparative, and to let those thoughts keep you stuck or, worse, never going after your dreams in the first place.

But guess what? There is an infinite amount of awesomeness to go around in this world.

So what if there are a bajillion blogs or a bajillion other whatevers in this world besides you… they aren’t you. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy WHAT you do they buy WHY you do it.” In other words, they buy into your values, your beliefs, your personality, your history, your uniqueness. And since there is every flavor of human under the sun, every flavor of business under the sun has the potential to thrive if they can just connect with the right people.

When that scarcity mindset takes over for a moment and I start to feel like there’s a limited number of “You get to follow your dreams” tickets that the universe hands out, I softly say to myself: there’s room for us all.

Her success does not mean that yours is diminished. HIs body of work bears no impact on yours. My happiness does not mean there is less happiness for you, just like your accomplishments don’t exclude me from accomplishing my goals too.