1/12/2016: Rules

It goes for business and it goes for life too — YOU get to make your own rules.

So often we let “shoulds” dictate our decisions. Things other people have told us that worked for them, things other people expect from us, things that are widely considered conventional or acceptable or wise, and we think those rules apply to us too. “I should settle down and have kids now because I’m almost 30.” “I need to scale my business and hire more people because that’s what successful businesses are supposed to do.” “I need to have X email subscribers before I can launch my first product.” “I should buy a house because, well, I’m old enough and it’s a good investment.” 👈😁 All statements that are made in an attempt to play by someone else’s rules. But guess what: nobody gets to tell you how to live your one and only precious life.

You are the owner of every second you’re granted, so you have the power to spend those moments living according to your OWN values.

You want to only work with people who make you belly laugh? Cool. You want to rent an RV and visit every single national park? Good onya. You want to sell a course for $20 instead of $200 or send out one launch email instead of 10 even though you’ve read 30 blogs that tell you differently? Well then more power to you because you’re a girl after my own heart. You want to travel the world making things until you find the spot that beckons you to put down roots? Right there with ya.

There are rules that make sense and there are rules that just don’t. All I know is… question every single one of them until you’re sure that the ones you’re playing by are the ones that are written by YOU.