2/16/2016: Screen

With the launch of the #MVartshop, it feels like I’ve been spending more time than usual in front of my laptop. Last year I made it a point to start introducing more technology-free breaks throughout my day, partly in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather/scenery that my new state California has to offer, but also partly just for my sanity. Still, sometimes I get so focused in on moving my business forward that I forget to take those breaks. I forget to step away and take in all that the world around me has to offer.

So today, after hours of staring at my screen, when I could feel that all too familiar focus-overload headache coming on, I did something radical: I took a walk. @jasondoesstuff and I did a few laps around the neighborhood with the sun on our faces and the fresh air rushing into my lungs. Amazing how simple some remedies can be, isn’t it?

We live in a world now where we’re dependent on these glowing screens of constant information, validation and distraction. Who knows what it’s doing to our brains, but all I know is that every once in a while we have to step away to shake ourselves out of that zombie-like state and back to reality. As you read this, remember that technology, like any other addictive thing around us, should be practiced in moderation. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or over-connected or you start to feel those eyes glaze over, step away from the screen. :)