2/11/2016: Show

I don’t know what I expected from today, but it’s safe to say I was not prepared for the level of love and support I received. “It’s just an art project,” I thought to myself as I hit send on the launch email this morning. Maybe it was that I had worked so hard to detach myself from the outcome or maybe it was just that I was blissfully happy to set a goal and conquer it, but I just didn’t have any idea that today could be such a magical outpouring of encouragement. So many of you emailed in congratulating me on getting the shop up and running. So many of you actually bought prints (!!!), grabbed them for friends, wrestled over which to buy (best customer service problem ever to help with!) and told me of your plans of where to put them. Friends I hadn’t talked to in years commented and shared the link to the shop.

When I really sit with the impact of this, for a moment I think it’s silly to feel like it’s all such a big deal — it IS just an art project after all 😉— but then a moment later I correct myself to acknowledge that it IS a big deal. Any day that you can put a piece of yourself out into the world — your thoughts, your emotions, an expression of your very essence, and instead of rejection and criticism it is met with warmth and acceptance and above all else LOVE, well that is a VERY big deal indeed. Today I experienced an immersion of what I wish the whole world could feel: happiness and acceptance for the truest expression of one’s self. We’re all afraid of rejection, I know. This fear permeates everything we do. But today was a reminder of how beautiful it can be when you say I WILL show up, I will be my whole self and I WILL share my heart, no matter what happens. Because I MUST.

What I learned today: Show them your heart and the *right* ones will reflect it right back to you. 💗