3/14/2016: Soak

As Jason I were in the car last night headed downtown to dinner with friends, I was looking out the window across the ocean with the sun setting and before I knew it I said out loud: “This is it.” “This is what?” Jason said. “IT… this is what we’ve been working for.”

For years we’ve been working on our businesses but more importantly we’ve been working on ourselves. Defining our values, experimenting, adventuring, recalibrating, finding balance, losing balance and relentlessly pursuing lives that feel authentic to who we are. In that sun-drenched moment, I realized we’d arrived at a place that felt right and I wanted to really breathe it in.

See, I think as humans we have this innate tendency to always want more, to want better, to keep striving. And don’t get me wrong, striving is great. Having a purpose is great. But so often we have our heads down reaching for our goals that we forget to take the time in those mini milestone moments to say… I’m here, I did it. To really SOAK IN those moments in as much as possible. To slow down and let it permeate our consciousness. And that I think is the key to cultivating contentment — it’s about taking intentional time to ACKNOWLEDGE what’s going well, to really commit to memory what happiness feels like.

I know a lot of these posts might seem like a whole lot of “things are going well right now!” and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before life throws some new challenge at us, but until then, I want to keep acknowledging the happiness I’m finding myself surrounded by because I think soaking it up and sinking into joy keeps us from living a life where we’re never satisfied. Right now, right here… I’m satisfied. :)