6/22/2016: Soften

A reminder to address feelings you want to shift in a practical way by letting yourself feel and accept them. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

For about a week now I’ve been trying to develop a meditation practice (I say “trying” because I’ve got about a 75% follow-through rate right now! 😁)

What I love about it is that I’m able to prioritize 10 minutes in my morning to take control of my day, take inventory with my thoughts and emotions, as well make time to breathe in the ocean air (my spot is out on our deck) which I feel like is good for the body AND for the spirit.

Today’s guided meditation was all about doing a “body scan” where you basically bring your attention to different parts of your body and notice the sensations, allowing you to ease the tension one step at a time. During this process, there was a really interesting phrase that my disembodied-meditation-app-narrator lady used that I loved (one that I had to mentally note then promptly ignore so I could get back to my body scan! 😉) She said as you go through the parts of your body, if you notice any areas of strain or tension, not to focus too much on them but to “observe what’s there and let it soften.”

This phrase was pleasant as soon as I heard it, but it wasn’t until later in my day when it came hurling back at me that I really understood the significance of it. I was taking a break to make myself a smoothie, and in a span of 30 seconds I managed to successfully spill smoothie on myself, our counter, and possibly even our dog in 4 different clumsy moves. I was so frustrated with myself that I felt like I might honestly scream. Then this key phrase flashed in my head, I recognized the frustration, and then I just let it soften. I didn’t judge myself for getting overly upset or stew in my frustration, I just said hello to the uncomfortable feeling and slowly let it dissipate.

I have a bad habit of exhibiting bad behaviors and then beating myself up over exhibiting bad behaviors (which I also a consider a bad behavior) so this new method helps me address those feelings I want to shift in a super practical way! Who knows if I’ll be able to keep up with this meditation thing, but for now I’m loving what it’s doing for my physical, emotional & spiritual health!