3/16/2016: Something

A lot of the emails I get from Self-Made Society subscribers are around the biggest struggles people have as creatives, and one theme I hear over and over again is this feeling overwhelm. “I want to sell my art online but where do I start?” / “I want to write a book but the thought of it is so overwhelming.” / “I have a clear vision for the business I want to build but I feel like there are so many pieces to the puzzle."

In my experience, that feeling of not knowing where or how to begin something never really goes away. I encounter it daily. When I sit down to write an email newsletter or paint an art piece or type out one of these daily captions, I get the same exact momentary panic staring at a blank page. BUT, over time I’ve adopted a tactic that has allowed me to get over that initial hump of overwhelm and aimlessness, and it is this simple idea: start with SOMETHING.

The thing that makes beginning something so overwhelming is the complete lack of anything to attach yourself to. It’s like trying to rock climb the face of a perfectly smooth mountains. What do you grab on to? How do you propel yourself upward?

When it comes to our creativity, if we would just create those nooks and crannies to grab onto for ourselves, creating wouldn’t seem so daunting. And the great part is, it doesn’t matter how “bad” those first few attempts are. A lot of times in order to get to the good you have to go through the bad. And that’s what starting with something is all about. It’s about giving yourself that first initial push so that you can get going, pick up momentum and then create the work you’re actually proud of.

No longer do I put pressure on myself to write my BEST work from the moment I start typing the first word. I allow myself to begin with a rough (ROUGH) draft and then I can take my time, finessing my thoughts and molding that first okay something into a better something. When you’re stuck, just start with SOMETHING and it will give you the momentum you need to get to the work you really want to create.