7/18/2016: Stand

A reminder to trust your eye and that standing out is actually the whole point! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I put in a few good hours on the MV brand update/new site design today, and this is the lesson that I inevitably have to teach myself time and time again.

Any time I work on designing my own site, I start with one thing in mind, one clear direction that I want to steer my ship in. Then, without realizing it, I accidentally take a peek around at what everyone else is doing, and suddenly I start doubting myself.

Subconsciously I think we all have this fear of sticking out like a sore thumb. Of being the odd man out. So we mold our look and our feel and our brand to fit in with what we see around us. The same layouts and design treatments. The same blog post images. Why mess with it if it works for everyone else, right?

The only problem with that is… when it comes to marketing, it’s actually a GOOD thing to stick out like a sore thumb. Not only does it make you memorable, but chances are it also means you’re creating something that reflects YOUR unique vision, not a conglomeration of other people’s visions you see on Pinterest.

So… today I cut myself off from looking at what other people are doing until I arrive at my final design and relaunch the site September 1st. From here on out, I’m promising myself to embrace my instincts and not fear creating something that is too “loud” or “busy” or “different.” I will trust my eye and I will remind myself that standing out is actually the whole point! I encourage you to do the same!