4/3/2016: Step

Do you have that one nagging THING you’ve been meaning to do that you continue to procrastinate about over and over? This past week that was two things for me: finally getting back to the barre (my workout of choice) and really diving in to tackle all that needs to be done before the #BetterBrandingCourse opens back up on April 11th. 

I hadn’t worked out for going on two months and I was really starting to feel it. I KNEW I wanted to get back at it, I KNEW that I’d feel more energized and alive once I got back into it, but yet the idea of that first class (at a new studio, nonetheless) felt so overwhelming. It would be hard and new and there was signing up and figuring out where to park and all of these things that, when combined, simply felt like too much. 

That’s when I was listening to an episode of #beingbosspodcast and @andkathleen was chatting with @ramit about fitness. They were talking about setting yourself up for success. Treating fitness like a meeting on your calendar or knowing exactly where your workout clothes are. I forget who said it exactly but it was something to the effect of: “Sometimes you just have to lace up your shoes.” It doesn’t have to be about that big scary commitment to get back into working out; it can be about the baby step before that — just committing to put on the dang shoes. I immediately stopped the episode, called the local studio and signed up for my first class (which killed me by the way, but I’m SO SO glad I did it.) 

Same with this launch plan for the #BetterBrandingCourse. There was so much to do that I almost felt paralyzed. Until I realized that I hadn’t set aside the time to write ALL my to-dos down to get them out of my head and prioritize them. Once I made the tiny commitment to just write the stupid to-do list, the big undertaking didn’t feel so big anymore. 

Whatever it is you’re resisting, whatever you can’t find the motivation to finally do, ask yourself: what’s the baby step you can commit to BEFORE the big step. What’s the low-risk first move you can make to set yourself up for success and get you closer to actually accomplishing your goal? 

Commit to the baby step, and trust me, the big step won’t seem quite so big anymore.