6/13/2016: Talk

A reminder to stay open to those who love you as you work through the hard things. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

I’ve been helping a friend through a bit of a hard time lately, and over the past few days we’ve had all kinds of conversations to talk through some of the complicated emotions that are bubbling up for her. My role in those conversations was of course to offer counsel where I felt I could, but ultimately it was my job as her friend to just listen. I was amazed at the transformation that occurred in just a handful of days through revelations that kept revealing themselves with each layer she was able to peel back.

It reminded me just how powerful it can be to give our emotions a voice.

I tend to process things internally, keeping everything up in my end when I’m trying to work through it. But going through this with her has made me realize I want to make more of an effort to seek out friends in my own life when I need to work through certain uncertainties or emotional blocks. It’s so helpful to have someone there to guide you when needed, dig deeper when needed, and ultimately just to hold space so that you can hear your own thoughts outside yourself.

Basically, my new mantra is: When in doubt, talk it out.