4/24/2016: Teach

A friendly reminder that every one of us has a skill to share that's valuable! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop!

Today had the great pleasure of sharing the #AbstractAffirmationsDaily painting process for the very first time! My friend and fellow artist @StephanieHalligan was in town and we decided to do a little skill swap! I was able to teach her my process for abstract acrylic art and she was able to share with me her process for creating cartoons. (She has a daily project where she draws a “daily cartoon to remind you of your awesomeness” every day. Check it out at ArtToSelf.com.)

When someone asks me to share my process or my skills, I’m inevitably a little nervous at first. It puts you in the position to question a) whether or not you’ll be able to teach what you know and then b) whether or not what you know is “good enough.” You inevitably find yourself in a position where you could potentially feel like an imposter. You ask yourself “who am I that I have something to teach.” 

But here’s what I know: we ALL have something in us that’s worth teaching. Whether it’s something as specific as painting, or something as broad and over-arching like patience or positivity. We all have strengths and experiences that can bring value to other people, and what I’ve found is that when we open ourselves up and share our gifts, the world becomes a more well-rounded, better place. 

Never doubt that you have something to offer this world. We all have something to teach.