6/10/2016: Teach 2


There is ALWAYS a lesson.

In every moment (of joy and impatience), in every person (friend or foe), in every season (abundance and famine)...there is a tiny nugget of wisdom just waiting to be found. 

That’s actually what I love most about creating these daily art pieces. It forces me to mine every interaction and experience I have and to ask myself: What lesson is this ________ here to teach me?

Lately I’ve found myself with friends who are encountering tough transitions or hurdles in their businesses or even walls I’ve hit with my own creativity, and as frustrating as those times can be, the solace that I can always offer to them and to myself is that somewhere deep in the cracks and crevices of every challenge and transition is something that we can all carry forward. A deeper knowing of what we want or don’t want. Of what we value or don’t value. Of what we’re willing to overcome or we’re not. 

There is always a lesson, and I think the most vibrant humans are the ones willing not only to look for the lesson, but to learn from the lesson too.