5/9/2016: Tell

A friendly reminder to be a little bit more vocal with our love and appreciation of one another! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

Earlier today I was taking a break to check out a few YouTube videos (my time waster reward of choice these days) and I came across a video that immediately made me think of a friend. I met this friend over a year ago at a conference and we shared a conversation and a memory that goes well beyond the typical surface-level interactions that you have at those kinds of events. The video brought me back to that conversation and it warmed my heart. Normally these kind of cursory thoughts of someone I hadn’t connected with in A YEAR would come and go, but tonight it occurred to me that maybe this person could use an unexpected hello.

As I went to post the video link on their Facebook page with a tiny hello and well wishes, I was shocked to find a post from just one week earlier detailing a rather low point this person was going through and the fact they would be off social media for a while.

Thankfully I was able to still email the link along and I hope my message brings this person joy knowing our interaction was meaningful, but I couldn’t help think of how many other people we let cross our minds on a daily basis that we DON’T reach out to. How many of those people are going through a rough time? How many of them could benefit from a text of gratitude or a funny video link or just a simple “How are you? I’ve been thinking about you?” I’m saying this because I’m bad at it but I want to be better.

When you think of someone, TELL THEM.

When you compliment someone in your head, TELL THEM. When you cherish a friend, TELL THEM. We could all stand to be a little bit more vocal with our love and appreciation of one another. :)