1/8/2016: Thrive


I love the word THRIVE.

To me, it encapsulates this distinct, complex state that no other word quite captures as well. It’s that feeling you get when multiple aspects of your life come together and suddenly you feel like you’re able to really shine. To flourish.

I always relate it to nature in that way — I think of thriving as cultivating a rich environment most conducive to growth.

Whether it’s eating foods that make you feel energetic and nourished, or taking quiet time for yourself if you’re an introvert, or creating morning rituals that boost your mood at the beginning of each day… do more of what makes you thrive. Do more of what leaves you feeling like your brightest, most vibrant self.

Jason and I both made this a priority last year, shifting our values away from “the hustle” and toward a much more balanced approach to our lives which left plenty of room for rest, nature, travel, adventure, creativity and inspiration — all things that make us thrive.

Whatever those things are for you, write them down, make time for them, and watch yourself flourish.