4/11/2016: Through

Guys, I’m going to admit something I’m totally not proud of right now: I pulled an all-nighter. The reason I’m not proud of this is because I’m a BIG believer in giving your body and mind the rest it needs and it deserves, and I reject the culture we’ve come to accept now where a lack of sleep is worn like a badge of honor.

But it was a decision I made intentionally in spite of my position on how important sleep is. Why? Because this time I promised myself I was going to follow through.

As a part of the Better Branding Course launch, it was really important to me that I offer some version of the course for under $100. It’s a part of my own brand values to remain an affordable option for self-made, self-taught entrepreneurs and it’s always in the back of my mind when I price anything I make. For this launch I decided I wanted to offer an e-guide version of the course with not only the course in written content but with images and walk-throughs so that if someone had the focus and drive, they could essentially teach themselves this course in the form of a book. Well, little did I know it would turn into the behemoth it did at nearly 400 pages long, and last night I found myself still editing, still adding content, still tweaking design elements to make it digestible and beautiful. There were so many times I thought about cutting content, about saying ‘this is better than good enough’ so I could give myself a break, go to sleep, and get ready for today’s launch. But something in me wouldn’t stop until I saw this thing to completion. Until I made the thing I promised myself I would make. 2am rolled around, then 4, then 7, and I couldn’t believe I had pushed through all night. But the result was a guide I am MORE than proud of. While I do NOT recommend this strategy for anyone, and really I think it’s a personal lesson in my own time management/project management skills, I do think it’s also a lesson in knowing when my inner voice is telling game to keep going. To do what I say I’m going to do. To follow through.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out. 😀 💤 Thanks to everyone who supported the launch of the course today. There will definitely be more fun stuff to come in the following weeks! And as a reminder, you can purchase the course in E-guide only format and you can upgrade to the video course format at any time. Check it out at betterbrandingcourse.com! (And I’m not just saying that because I stayed up all night to make it beautiful for you!) 😉