6/4/2016: Time 2

Give yourself the space you need to actually enjoy whatever it is you're doing. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

In an effort to push my online class skills further, I’ve committed myself to boosting my filming AND editing skills this summer. 

The acrylic painting class I’m currently filming is actually the first class ever that I’m not rushing to finish (thanks to my “summer sabbatical”) and today I found myself actually finally ENJOYING the editing process. I was sitting in bed, with Saturday morning light filling my bedroom, my coffee nearby, and there I was organizing clips and formulating what cuts I wanted to make to improve the quality of my video. It sounds silly but it was a PERFECT way to spend part of my Saturday. I found myself completely immersed in curiosity for this new creative skill I’m developing. 

And then I thought: Why does this feel so different from all the other times I've edited videos or classes? 

Ah yes... I wasn’t RUSHING. 

I finally gave myself the time I needed to actually ENJOY what I was doing. 

I intentionally created the white space in this project that I needed to keep diving deeper, learning more, and experiencing the joy of learning a new craft. 

Whenever you instinctively feel inclined to only give yourself X amount of time to do something, I suggest taking a beat, thinking it over, and then stretching it out just a bit longer to bake in the space you need to actually enjoy the process. 

I'm learning that there is so much we miss out on just because we try to shrink our timelines and squeeze out every last inch of productivity.