6/16/2016: Today

A friendly reminder that sometimes all it takes is one INTENTIONAL tap in the right direction. $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop.

It was over two years ago when @jasondoesstuff and I finally sat down and really decided to do something about our debt. I had student loans. He had business debt. We both had maxed out credit cards. Together we had let ourselves get buried under a boulder that never felt like it would go away.

Despite what felt like an insurmountable challenge, we both agreed to make some drastic reductions to the money going out and some massive goals for the money coming in.

Two years later and this week we paid off our LAST credit card taking us to over $124,000 in total debt eliminated. Though it feels amazing, I have to admit that looking back, the more pivotal moment was actually the one way back in the beginning. The moment when we finally decided that TODAY was the day we were finally going to DO SOMETHING about this problem hanging over our heads. My today self is so grateful to my former self for realizing that.

For any of you out there facing a dilemma, whether debt or something else, something that feels equally insurmountable… make one tiny decision today that your two-years-from-now self will thank you for. Sometimes all it takes is one INTENTIONAL tap in the right direction and that burdensome boulder will begin to budge.

Today, people. TODAY!