2/9/2016: Truth


They say “the truth hurts” and sometimes it certainly does, but ultimately I would argue the truth always heals.

Today, Jason and I had a workshop where we were able to share openly about our ups and downs with money the past few years. Even though it feels like we’re on the other side of the low points we had a few years back where my business was struggling and we had massive amounts of debt, I couldn’t help but remember that time when we let the shame of it all keep the truth hidden. On the surface we told ourselves we were doing fine, getting by, but underneath it was clear we were taking on water. We didn’t want to face it, didn’t want to admit that we’d let it get so far. It wasn’t until we were able to look the truth in the face, admit we were really unhappy and painfully in debt, that we were able to make real changes. From that moment on, the shame didn’t have power over us anymore and we were able to get out from under it.

This lessons stays with me. Our wounds need air in order to heal (thanks to my good friend Margaret Kelsey for this metaphor.) That’s what truth is to me: exposure. Removing the facade and exposing what’s real, even if it does hurt, so that the air and light can heal what’s been festering. Facing the truth ultimately relieves us of the heavy, heavy burdens we carry (sometimes without knowing it.)

Whatever truth you may be hiding from — be it finances or relationships or happiness or whatever — allow yourself to expose it so you can move forward and heal.