4/2/2016: Understand


The past few days you may have noticed I mentioned I’m experimenting with Snapchat. Now, I’ll be the first one to admit it: the past months (even years!) I’ve been HIGHLY skeptical of Snapchat, and especially more recently as it’s crept into the creative online biz space. I found myself thinking “Here we go again. Another social network that’s ‘taking the world by storm.’ Another distraction. Another digital place to pull us away from real life.” It was easy to write off at first because I’ve always been a “do what works for YOU not what you see other people doing” kind of gal. 

But then I stopped to question these thoughts I was having. 

Did I actually KNOW that Snapchat had no value to offer my life or my business? Did I even know what it was about? I’d opened the app like twice two years ago and I had no idea what the experience was now. When I was really honest with myself, I realized my flippant attitude was actually coming from one place: FEAR. I was afraid of the stupid app. Afraid of doing it “wrong.” Afraid of feeling old. Afraid of looking like I was hopping on the bandwagon. Afraid of it stealing my precious time. 

Ultimately I decided it was silly to have such a strong judgment against something I had no experience with. SO, I decided to launch an experiment. I’m giving myself three weeks to learn the ropes. If it brings me value, I’ll keep going. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll cut it out. So far it’s actually been a fun and low-stakes way to share my process and my daily life, which I’m really digging. On the downside, it is one more reason for me to feel attached to my phone, which I don’t like. Jury’s still out on ultimately what I’ll do but I’m glad I decided to give it a try.

Let me be SUPER clear here: I am NOT saying everyone should hop on Snapchat. What I AM saying is that for me, before I completely write this app off as silly or juvenile or a fleeting trend, I want to give myself the opportunity to first UNDERSTAND it from the inside out, and then I can decide if it aligns with my values or is worth my time.

And I think this approach applies to MUCH more than new social media platforms. I think it applies to new people, new places, new anything. 

Let’s stop judging things at face value and instead investigate new ideas until we have a real, factual basis for eliminating them from our lives. 

If you want to follow along in my experiment, you can find me there by searching snapmadevibrant 👻.