2/28/16: Unfolding

Since starting this daily art project, in the back of my mind there’s been this nagging thought:

“Okay, so I’m ready to call myself an artist. NOW WHAT?”

To fully embody this part of my identity that I can feel myself stepping into (and *have* been stepping into my entire life), I find myself searching for clarity on what exactly I’m trying to SAY with this work. 

Part of it is a question raised in response to fellow artists that I love and admire. I see their names followed by the title “Fine Artist” and it makes me wonder: What is “fine art?” Does what I do fall into that category? Or is that a term reserved for those that meticulously plan their pieces & contemplate every stroke & only use the finest materials? Does it make my work less valuable because I create a piece every day or that I audaciously call them ‘complete’ whether I’m satisfied with them or not (a requisite for a daily project.) Is it still fine art if I simply let my heart flow (even if it results in something imperfect?)

So many questions, but thanks to an email from an MV reader today, I realized something: all those questions are examples of me letting other people’s rules govern how I think about my art. And I won’t have it. 

What I’ve come to is this: I won’t limit the definition of my art to the final product that I create. Instead, I believe my art is in the UNFOLDING of myself (as @elizabeth_gilbert_writer would put it) as I create. It’s not WHAT I make, but it’s what the very process of creating is MAKING OF ME. That’s what I want to stand for as an artist. 

Do I think it’s wonderful that sometimes people appreciate the end product that results from that process? Absolutely. But by my definition, it is not just the piece itself that holds the inspiration, it’s the model of the way in which it was created: with freedom, and love, and heart, and intuition and pure commitment to that inner authentic creativity that we ALL possess.
I’m done asking questions about fine art because ‘fine’ or not, at least for me, the ART is in the unfolding.