2/14/2016: Verb

I’m not sure who said it first (certainly not me), but when I thought about what message about love was worth sharing on this day, this is what came to me.

Our culture puts so much emphasis on the *feeling* of love. Is he The One? Is she? Do you feel like it’s Love when you’re together? Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of love is a beautiful thing. But it’s kind of nebulous, isn’t it? Feelings are mostly resigned to the rich but ever-intangible world of our inner thoughts and hearts.

What I’m more interested in when it comes to love is less about the *feeling* and more about the ACTION. The verb Love. Because when you love someone (when you VERB love someone) you turn that intangible feeling into something visible, something material, something that can be received and felt and appreciated.

In my experience, most great kinds of love require WORK. It is an active emotion, not a passive one. I’m infinitely grateful to have @jasondoesstuff in my life who is not only my best friend and the person I spend all my time with, but also a true partner. And yet we both acknowledge that if the love between us is going to last a lifetime, we have to work on it. Just as we both evolve as people, the energy created between us must evolve as well. We can’t rely on this feeling of love, we must turn it into an EXPRESSION, one that exists outside ourselves through our actions.

While I’ve had my ups and downs with the idea of Valentine’s Day, there is one huge positive I see from circling a random day on the calendar and declaring it Love Day: it asks us to acknowledge those that we love and do something about it. It asks us to make our feelings seen and heard and felt by the ones we hold dear. And when it’s done free of expectations or ultimatums, I think that is always a good thing.

Love is a verb, so let’s do our best to make the feeling seen and felt by the ones we care about every day of the year.