1/9/2016: Voice

Who am I? Who am I to talk about creativity when so many others out there could do it more eloquently? Who am I to paint when so many others have been doing it longer and better? Who am I to share wisdom or advice? Who am I?

I’d be lying if I told you these questions don’t find their way to the surface of my mind occasionally. The doubts. The fears. The inner critics telling me that I’m not original enough or qualified enough or whatever enough to do what I want to do. And they might be questions that you recognize too.

When I find those questions popping up, I remind myself of this simultaneously humbling and emboldening fact: there is no objective truth in this world.

There are 7 billion people on earth with 7 billion different perspectives on reality. 7 billion tiny truths all adding up to our collective human experience. None of us has the answer, only our version of the truth, and that is the great equalizer.

Each one of us is equally worthy of sharing our tiny truth, of sharing our perspective on the world. Because among ALL those people, no two of us share the same unique lens. We’re all made up of experiences and feelings and values and proclivities that come together in a one-of-a-kind way. And in that regard, each of our voices is equally important.

As Liz Gilbert says, “Most things have already been done—but they have not yet been done BY YOU.”

Your voice -- your lens which with you see the world -- deserves to be heard just as all of our voices deserve to be heard.

Who am I? Who are you?

We are here, and we are worthy.