4/17/2016: Weirdos

A reminder to be on the lookout for your fellow weirdos! $25 giclee print available at the Made Vibrant Art Shop

It’s back to the airport for us! We’re on our way back to Oceanside after a fun 48 hours in Florida! This weekend I got to hang out with my best girlfriends from college, relive some awesome college memories and speak almost fluently in inside jokes. I think that’s one of the most joyful feelings in the world — being around people who make you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and sharing a common history that you’re all so fond of. Being around all of them reminded me how delightfully weird we all are, and how that mutual weirdness is the basis of a bond that has lasted over the course of 10 years.

That’s all friendship really is though, right? Just finding people with your special brand of weirdness?

So that’s what this weekend has taught me. That we all should be on the lookout for our fellow weirdos. And when those weirdos ask us to fly across the country and witness their love & commitment to their partner for life, that we show up and we love them hard.