2/3/2016: Work

Today I FINALLY sat down and wrote out a timeline for the launch of the art shop. (If you’re wondering when my daily pieces will be for sale, make sure you’re on the email list: madevibrant.com/daily. I’ll be sending out an email to those peeps first thing tomorrow with all the details.) I’ve been dragging my feet on getting a concrete plan together for weeks and making all kinds of excuses (other projects, travel, etc.) If I'm really honest with myself though, the excuses have been a cover. I’ve really been avoiding locking in a date because the thought of how many little steps I have to take to bring the whole thing to life has me more than a little overwhelmed. I’m learning that there are SO many more things to consider when you’re producing a tangible product, and I’ve been afraid to sit down and write the whole thing out, task by task.

Until today. Thanks to some newfound energy and inspiration from our recent trip, today I finally faced the scary monster of a to-do list. I wrote down every single little thing I could imagine standing between me and getting my artwork up for sale. I plotted out timelines. I emailed my printing vendor. I chatted with Laura about how the logistics will work. It’s not that I was less overwhelmed or less afraid than I was before when I was avoiding everything; it’s just that I finally realized there was no Art Shop Fairy that was going to appear from the heavens to come tackle it for me. I had to look my to-do list square in the eye and get my butt to work.

And that’s the deal. You can dream all day about the business you want but if you really want that dream to happen, you have to face the monsters you’ve been avoiding and you have to put in the work. It’s amazing how much more powerful I felt just by setting a date and writing down a list. Whatever project you’ve been holding off on, the one you keep saying you’re going to do, take the first step today because there’s just no way around it: if you want it, you gotta work for it.