2/10/2016: You

Tomorrow the #MVartshop opens for pre-orders, but it won’t *technically* be the first time I try my hand at selling my art… Nope, I actually experimented with selling limited edition “prints” back in 2014, a few months into opening my business. In those early days, I didn’t have an audience or a clear voice, but I thought getting paid to make art had to be the best job ever so I thought I’d give it ago. I created a few pieces of my hand-lettering, got them printed at, I kid you not, Kinko’s! — and I charged $10 a pop for them. The first design did okay (selling 10 of the 10 I had printed). But the second? After putting it up on my website and sending it out to my email list, the second design sold JUST ONE PRINT.

Truthfully, I was mortified. I took that response to mean my art wasn’t valuable. That I was a fraud. And so for over a year and a half, I let the disappointment of that experience prevent me from selling my art again. That ONE tiny failure created a mountain of doubt that I couldn’t overcome.

That is until Christmas when I realized I had put my art up for sale for all the wrong reasons. I was doing it for the outcome. I wasn’t interested in giving; I was interested in *receiving* validation. But I’ve learned a lot since then. No longer am I trying to create for an outcome. Yes, I would love for my prints to sell but it’s no longer about the validation; I want to do it for myself. To create work that is an expression of my heart and to offer up a part of myself to bring happiness and light to someone else. Today’s piece feels like a perfect reflection of my brain the past few days — chaotic and scattered but so bright and so joyful. Because I’ve finally reached the place in my journey where I’m no longer doing it for the outcome; I’m doing it for the journey.

Whatever that big scary hurdle is that you’re not sure you can muster the courage to overcome, you’ll be able to tackle it once you discover it’s something that’s worth doing even if you stumble. Do it for YOU and there is no such thing as failure.